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Unbeatable - 0% Finance on IBM Servers & Storage

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WannaCry ransomware causes chaos

Over 150 countries have been effected by the Wanna attack!

A significant number of organisations have been affected by the latest strain of ransomware including CNN and Bloomberg. Whilst many believe our NHS was the main target, this is simply untrue. The first attacks originated in India, Philippines and Hong Kong and they were random. This type of wormy spread attack is fairly unsophisticated, leveraging simple spam, binary and web exploit delivery methods. Its success was due to exploiting vulnerabilities in Windows file sharing systems.

The WannaCry attackers now thought to be a group called the Shadow Brokers have already indicated that we should expect further attacks.  All the main global providers of security solutions are predicting that this is just the beginning. Businesses should anticipate many more waves by way of more state of the art sophisticated attacks, making Cybercrime the biggest global threat since Islamic State.

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