Need help with your IT or a free security check?
Need help with your IT or a free security check?

Companies continue to run systems with no consideration to efficiency and productivity costs.
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£5,500 discount on broadband upgrades

NIS approved supplier of broadband voucher scheme!

The UK Government has launched a new Gigabit Voucher Scheme which provides a grant of up to £2,500 to support the capital costs of getting new gigabit-capable internet connections for businesses like yours. If you are in Wales the scheme offers grants up to £5,500.

This grant is allowing thousands of businesses to upgrade their internet connectivity and open the door to higher levels of staff productivity, quicker and more responsive software and applications in the office, as well as the ability to easily bring on board new telephony and cloud services.

Only a limited number of grants are available so interested businesses are encouraged to register as soon as possible. Network Integrity Services are a registered supplier of the scheme.

To secure your voucher please contact NIS on