Virtualisation - Server consolidation

vmware virtualisation computer server clusterNIS has the experience needed to deliver a pre-configured VMware vSphere cluster ready for your business, with all the hardware integration, system testing and performance tuning completed by our qualified technicians.

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Building on our partnerships with VMware and our hardware suppliers like IBM and Dell, we can build a cluster providing high-availability, load balancing, and shared storage, ready for installation inclusive of any system migration needs.

Our ready for business VMware clusters all go through an intensive build cycle prior to delivery, covering a range of processes, including:

  • Hardware integration, ensuring everything from the UPS provides adequate run-time in the event of a power failure, through to the server memory passing our error-check tests
  • Network configuration, making sure the switches are running at full speed with the correct separation of data streams to ensure high performance and reliability, along with compatibility with your existing network
  • VMware implementation, building the vSphere cluster to support your required features - whether it be high availability for some or all of your servers, live migration between hardware devices, and even disaster recovery to remote sites
  • Performance tuning, verifying that when you start to use the cluster the performance will be as you expect, with no hidden issues such as disk array queue lengths, or jumbo-packet sizes on the switches.

For your particular server consolidation needs please contact us.